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Ban Helium Filled Mylar Balloons

Helium filled Mylar Balloons have inundated the ocean and remote deserts, affected wildlife, caused thousands of expensive, time consuming power outages, and even fires. It’s time to do something about it.


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Helium Filled Mylar Balloons

Breaking down the issue

What harm do these Balloons cause?

  • Power Outages causing downtime for business and communications. Potential of deadly fires (read more and see below).
  • Balloons breaking down into more harmful microplastics.
  • Wildlife both in the desert and in the ocean can confuse balloons and ribbons for food. Balloons or pieces of balloon can block digestive tracts of tortoises and other animals. Balloons or balloon parts causing lost limbs or starving the animal to death. (Read More)
  • Pristine nature areas or oceans polluted with balloons and ribbons.
  • Helium is non-renewable resource, needed for important scientific and medical applications, rather than escaping into the air. 
  • Flying litter scars the landscape and is no different from throwing trash on our public lands.

What are the alternatives?

  • There are many alternatives that will not pollute the Earth or harm animals.
  • Regular latex balloon on sticks filled with air is best alternative right now. 
  • We can opt for reusable party & advertising décor – banners, flags, ribbon dancers, pinwheels.
  • For memorials & fundraisers, we can plant trees, gardens or build birdhouses – actions that promote life. remembrance plants, kites, pinwheels, blowing bubbles and lighting candles or luminaries.
  • Bright, colorful, and reusable flags, streamers and inflatables.

Balloon Related Power Outages in California

SCE balloon graph small

From Grads to Dads, Don’t Let Metallic Balloons Ruin the Party

 June 16, 2021 - So far this year, Southern California Edison customers have experienced more than 350 power outages due to metallic balloons.

Balloon Power Outage

Mountain Reporter - Big Bear, CA

May 25, 2021 - 8:54 PM - Mylar balloons into power lines. No fire. Edison has call.

Balloons in power line

500 Power Outages in last 5 years recorded by SDGE

It’s around this time every year the electric company (SDGE) notices a surge in metallic balloon incidents. 

Over the past five years, metallic balloons have been identified as the cause of more than 500 power outages to our region’s electrical system.  

Balloons in power line

Southern California Edison reports last year, there were 415 balloon-related outages, causing more than 9.4 million minutes of service interruption for customers

Kites and metallic balloons are dangerous if they come into contact with power lines or electrical infrastructure. When these items get tangled in power lines, they can short out the electrical circuit – resulting in power outages, damaged electronic equipment, fires, injuries or even death.

Last year, there were 415 balloon-related outages. These outages caused more than 9.4 million minutes of service interruption for customers last year.

Recent Balloon Litter Finds

Carol Black and her husband found these balloons in Borrego Springs late May 2021

John Kimball found this balloon in his back yard palo verde tree.

Peter Apalakis found this set of balloons at Vasquez Rocks near Agua Dulce

Julie Gerson from Borrego Springs found these balloons in Coyote Canyon late May 2021

Jean Brugger found this bunch of balloon litter in Borrego Springs

Organizations in public support of a ban on the sale of helium filled balloons in California

  • Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association
  • Anza Borrego Foundation
  • Invasive Weed Task Force
  • Oceana
  • Project O
  • Sierra Club – San Diego Chapter
  • Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center
  • Surfrider Foundation – San Diego
  • The Chaparral Lands Conservancy
  • Tortoise Group 
  • Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy


What Else You Can Do

Besides signing the petition, you could share it on social media, in Facebook or other Internet groups. You could share it in schools, with your families. Take a picture of your find, and share it on your feeds.

Balloons In the Media

June 7th - CBS 8 - San Diego Report with Karlene Chavis

Encinitas Environmental Commission sends balloon ban proposal to council

Glendale bans Mylar balloons, deflating hopes of some local business owners - LA Times

June 4th - Mylar Balloons Linked To 50 Coachella Valley Power Outages In Recent Months

November 12, 2020 - Cities Approve Bans to Deflate Metallic Balloon Problem